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Enough is Enough TN Launches Nashville Billboard Demanding Governor Bill Lee Call on State Representative David Byrd to Resign

April 8, 2019

Contact: Emily Tseffos | | 920-850-3010


[Nashville, TN] -- Enough is Enough Tennessee has purchased a billboard demanding that Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Lee call on State Representative David Byrd to resign. Byrd, who is serving in the Tennessee House of Representatives, is alleged to have sexually assaulted three of his former high school basketball players. The north-facing digital billboard went live early this morning on I-65 heading South towards South Nashville neighborhoods, Brentwood, and Franklin, just after the intersection of I-65 and I-440.

The Billboard features pictures of Governor Lee and Representative Byrd and reads: “GOVERNOR LEE: REP. DAVID BYRD MUST GO! THREE WOMEN SAY DAVID BYRD SEXUALLY ABUSED THEM AS CHILDREN. PROTECT OUR CHILDREN. DAVID BYRD MUST GO.” Governor Lee met with one of Byrd’s alleged victims, Christi Rice,  almost four weeks ago, but Lee has yet to take any significant action or even make an official statement regarding the meeting or Rep. Byrd.

Enough is Enough TN had originally hoped to launch the billboard on April 1st, but the design was rejected by several Nashville area billboard vendors despite the credible nature of the allegations. Not only has Rep. Byrd not denied the allegations, he apologized to Rice in a recorded phone call, and a friend of Byrd’s, Michael Edwards, has come forward to say that Byrd confessed that he had inappropriate sexual contact with a student and wanted to take her to a motel.

The billboard is a part of Indivisible and Enough is Enough TN’s campaign to hold elected representatives accountable at the state level for their roles in protecting representatives who have been accused of sexual misconduct.

WHAT: Nashville Billboard Demanding that Governor Lee Call on State Rep. David Byrd to resign over child sex abuse allegations

WHO: Enough is Enough TN

WHERE: I-65 heading South towards South Nashville neighborhoods, Brentwood, and Franklin, just after the intersection of I-65 and I-440

WHEN: April 8, 2019 beginning at 12:01 AM

Accused Child Sex Abuser Rep. David Byrd Removed as TN House Education Subcommittee Chair Due to Protests by Enough is Enough Tennessee

March 28, 2019

This is a good first step but it’s not enough. This campaign will continue until David Byrd is no longer in public office.
— Leader Emily Tseffos

[Nashville, TN] As a result of weeks of protests by Enough is Enough Tennessee, State Representative David Byrd has been stripped of his subcommittee chairmanship effective immediately. Said Enough is Enough Tennessee Leader Emily Tseffos “This is a good start but it's not enough. Glen Casada and Gov. Lee should follow the lead of Beth Harwell and Randy McNally and call for Byrd to resign immediately. David Byrd should not be in any position of power, period. We will continue this campaign until he is no longer in office."

Tseffos pointed out that Byrd remains on the subcommittee even though he is no longer the leader. “That’s totally unacceptable.”

Tennessee State Representative David Byrd is a former high school basketball coach who was accused by three women of having sexually abused them when they were ages 15 and 16 and played on the team he coached. Byrd has not denied the allegations, apologized on tape to one of the players for his conduct, and reportedly confessed to a fellow educator at the time of the alleged assaults.

Numerous Republican leaders expressed dismay after the allegations were brought to light by Nashville TV station WSMV in March 2018. Then House Speaker Beth Harwell and Lt. Governor Randy McNally called on Byrd to resign, and U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn called the allegations “particularly shocking and disgusting.” Byrd refused to resign and despite a strong effort by Enough is Enough TN to defeat Byrd in the last election cycle, he was re-elected with the support of incoming House Speaker Glen Casada, who ran ads in Byrd’s district falsely suggesting that Byrd was the victim of a “fake news” left-wing conspiracy.

After the election, Casada appointed Byrd to head the House Education Subcommittee. In response, Enough is Enough TN launched a protest campaign. In recent weeks the group has silently protested every session of the Education Subcommittee. Emily Tseffos said “David Byrd has been accused by three different women of sexually abusing them when he was their teacher and they were teens. It was completely unacceptable that Speaker Casada put David Byrd in charge of an education subcommittee in the first place, potentially putting all Tennessee children in danger. It was an insult to all women, and all Tennessee parents, that we had to drive from Waynesboro and Lawrence County to Nashville every week to make our voices heard."

One of Byrd’s victims, Christine Rice, recently met with Governor Lee asking to ask the Governor to call on Byrd to resign. Lee has failed to respond to that request, saying he was not ready to take a position. According to Tseffos, that is unacceptable. “If Governor Lee supports or enables David Byrd, then he will be held accountable.”

About Enough is Enough Tennessee:


Holding Politicians Accountable for Sexual Misconduct in the Volunteer State

Enough is Enough Tennessee is a grassroots Tennessee organization focusing on candidates for public office who—in both public and private life—have turned against women on the issues of sexual harassment or violence against women and children. Some of these candidates are overtly misogynistic bullies. Others have been personally accused of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, domestic violence, and in the case of David Byrd, sexual abuse of teenage students by a teacher. We will also target those, like Speaker Glen Casada, empower and enable those credibly accused of sexual harassment and violence.

We’re saying “enough is enough” by standing up to bullies at the ballot box in the Volunteer State. We conduct research, provide public information, and oppose politicians who have a poor track record on issues of violence against women and sexual assault. Enough is Enough Tennessee will hold politicians like David Byrd and Glen Casada accountable and ensure violence against women is part of the national conversation every election.