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Gov. Bill Lee says Rep. David Byrd should answer to sexual assault allegations

Looking to become speaker, Reps. Matthew Hill, Bill Dunn say they believe David Byrd accusers

School gives out controversial T-shirt, then vows not to do it again

Teen Vogue: Tennessee Women Are Protesting David Byrd, the Lawmaker Accused of Molesting Teen Girls

Speaker Pro Tem Bill Dunn says he believes women accusing Rep. David Byrd of sexual assault

Possible future House Speaker 'believes the women' accusing Rep. Byrd

New billboard demands Rep. Byrd’s ousting

Glen Casada's disrespect for his office and fellow Republicans showed in his last act | Opinion

Glen Casada to resign as speaker in coming weeks

Casada operative flips, sides with women accusing lawmaker of sexual assault

Speaker Casada used tax dollars for attack on Rep. Byrd accusers

Complaint filed with Nashville prosecutors over ads funded by Glen Casada's PAC

House Speaker Glen Casada has history of abuse of power | Opinion

Protesters gather at Tennessee Capitol, demand Casada’s resignation

House Speaker Glen Casada, a 'political animal,' faces his most important day in a nearly 20-year career

House Ethics Committee member: Casada trying to 'rig and predetermine an outcome' for requested opinion

Five women arrested outside Gov. Bill Lee's office after 30-hour sit-in over Rep. David Byrd

Enough is Enough protesters arrested after day 2 of sit-in

Protesters outside governor’s office arrested overnight

US News & World Report: Protesters Arrested After 30-Hour Long Sit-In at Capitol

NEWS 4 WSMV: Protest continues in Tennessee Capitol over accused lawmaker

6 ON YOUR SIDE WATE.COM: Protest continues in Tennessee Capitol over accused lawmaker

AP NEWS: Protest continues in Tennessee Capitol over accused lawmaker

Troopers kick out, threaten to arrest reporters during Rep. David Byrd protest at governor's office

Lawmaker gives food, sleeping bags to David Byrd protesters camped outside governor's office

Protesters Removed from Governor’s Office Demanding Rep. Byrd’s Removal from Office

From Bill Freeman: Casada finally takes a step in the right direction against Rep. Byrd

Group buys billboard calling on Rep. David Byrd to resign after sexual assault allegations

Glen Casada caught on secret tape saying that Byrd’s alleged victims should “move” away.

House Speaker Glen Casada removes embattled Rep. David Byrd from subcommittee chairmanship

David Byrd should be removed from office for sexual abuse allegations | Opinion

Glen Casada must launch investigation into sexual abuse allegations against David Byrd | Opinion

House GOP split on whether Rep. David Byrd should serve as subcommittee chairman; some call for inquiry

Friend: Byrd confessed to inappropriate sexual contact with teen student; wanted to take her to a motel.

3 former players accuse Rep. David Byrd of sexual misconduct while they were teens

Byrd does not deny allegations --Tennessee lawmaker accused of sexual assault seeks re-election

'I felt like he believed me:' Gov. Bill Lee meets with Christi Rice, accuser of Rep. David Byrd

House Speaker Calls on Lawmaker to Resign

Rep. Byrd not addressing specific allegations about sexual misconduct, watching former players shower

Tennessee lawmaker accused of sexual assault seeks re-election

Why the TN General Assembly will not investigate sexual assault claims against Rep. Byrd

Rep. Byrd defended statutory rapist in 2013 court testimony

Students given t-shirts promoting campaign of accused lawmaker