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State Representative and former girls basketball coach David Byrd has been credibly accused of sexually abusing three of his former high school basketball players, who were 15 to 16 years old at the time of the alleged sexual assaults. He even apologized to one victim. Senator Marsha Blackburn called Byrd "disgusting and shocking," but Speaker Casada gave him a promotion, naming him chair of the Education Committee.

Send a video message to Speaker Casada know telling him that you find it unacceptable that a credibly accused child SEXUAL abuser is chair of the Tennessee House Education Administration Committee: "Hi, my name is [your name]. I'm from [your town], Tenessee and I currently have [number of kids] kids in Tennessee public schools. It's unacceptable that a credibly accused child sexual abuser like David Byrd is chair of the education committee. Speaker Casada, kick Byrd off of the Education Committee and call on him to resign."

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Tennessee mom Emily’s video message to Speaker Casada demanding that David Byrd be taken off of the Education Subcommittee. Send your message with the widget above.

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David Byrd • State Legislator, TN-71

David Byrd is an incumbent state representative from Tennessee’s 71st District, who was re-elected in 2018, in spite of a strong campaign to defeat him. . He is popularly known as ‘Coach’ around the capitol and is accused of sexually abusing three of his former high school basketball players, who were 15 to 16 years old at the time of the alleged sexual assaults. The victims report that Byrd kissed and touched them inappropriately, tried to get them to touch him, and then told them not to tell anyone. One of the victims recently confronted Byrd in a phone call that she recorded, and he can be heard apologizing for his behavior. Byrd has not denied the allegations. According to Byrd’s friend, Michael Edwards, Byrd confessed that he had inappropriate sexual contact with a student and wanted to take her to a motel. Despite calls to resign from a bipartisan group of elected officials including the Tennessee Speaker of the House and Lieutenant Governor, both Republicans, and the the Democratic nominee for Governor, Byrd refused to step down. Enough is Enough Tennessee ran a hard-hitting grassroots independent expenditure campaign with the support of local TN volunteers from Indivisible that featured TV, direct mail, and digital advertising to ensure that his constituents were fully informed. Unfortunately, Byrd was re-elected with the support of TN Republican House leader Glen Caseda. In 2020, Enough is Enough TN will continue to support efforts to remove Byrd from office and hold his enablers like Casada accountable as well.

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Inappropriate Conduct

Byrd has not denied the charges

Byrd was accused of repeatedly kissing and inappropriately fondling several teenage girls he coached. He has not denied these charges, and earlier this year he apologized to one of the former players.


One victim described Byrd’s assault when she was a 15-year-old student, saying he demanded to see her naked, and that she quote “owed” it to him as her teacher.


Two women said Byrd told them not to tell anyone and one said he pulled her out of class and quote “he told me not to tell anybody, nobody would believe me, I was just a kid.”


According to the victims, Byrd used his position as a principal, a teacher, and a coach to bully his victims, and used fear and intimidation to make sure they kept quiet about his assaults.